The Best Timeto Visit Maldives

Maldives is an extraordinarily beautiful country that always mesmerises any traveller. Although the tropical islands are a yearlong vacation destination due to the favourable weather conditions, knowing the ideal seasons allow you to make the best out of your trip. Whether you are looking for adventure, to enjoy your honeymoon, or to just relax and forget about the everyday mundane, here are the best times to visit the country.

  • Northern atolls – November to March
  • Southern atolls – May to November

For Adventure Travel

Every island in the country has its unique features. Be it the beach or the exemplary resorts, there is always something new you can experience or witness. One thing that is common to most islands though is the endless range of adventurous activities to partake in.

Water sports is something that has constantly made the adrenaline junkie flock to the Maldives. However, it is useful to note that it is best to stick to the northern atolls from November to March since the weather is perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving, wakeboarding and stand up paddleboarding and other water sports. Similarly, the southern atolls experience the best weather conditions for these water sports from May to November.

For Honeymoons

Maldives has quickly become one of THE destinations for newly wedded couples, since many of the islands are home to luxury resorts that provide an intimate atmosphere, followed by exceptional services. From romantic dining experiences to gentle strolls along the amazing beaches, the resort team will be happy to assist you and your significant other to enjoy the first days of your lives together.

The ideal time to visit the country for honeymoons is during the months from December to April. Although you can still have a great honeymoon getaway during the other months, the favourable weather from December to April allows you and your partner to experience the best of the Maldives.

For Rest & Relaxation

Have you ever felt like you just need to escape the city and take it easy for once? To rest and recharge? The Maldives is the perfect destination for it. With so many private island resorts to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. A getaway solely focused on rest and relaxation can be enjoyed throughout the year, however, you can make it perfect by planning it during the off-season, when the islands are quieter – giving you more time and space to recharge.

The off-season often runs from May to November, during the monsoon season. Due to the scattered showers (or a few thunder showers), resort prices drop down a smidge too. This gives you the perfect opportunity to book the hotel of your dreams at a fairly lower rate compared to the peak season.

For Culture

The Maldives is not only about sun, sand, and adventure though. Being a country that adopts Islam as the official religion, you will be able to witness the religious festivals and other significant events too.

The months in which the Ramadan and Hajj festival fall are the best times to witness the interesting religious celebrations. From the prayers to the family gatherings in open spaces, it is something that is certainly out of the ordinary. Since these festivals are based on the Islamic lunar calendar, the day of the festival always changes. Therefore, studying this calendar before you plan your vacation is recommended.

Similarly, other significant national days are celebrated by many a Maldivian. The 26th of July is when the country gained independence. Moreover, the 3rd and 11th of November is when Victory Day and Republic Day is celebrated respectively.

Now that you know the weather conditions and the right season, you can make your getaway all the more perfect.

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