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Four Popular Waysto Propose in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most romantic destinations you and your partner could ever go to. The combination of natural wonders, exhilarating water sports, and luxurious respites make for the ideal places to pop the big question as well.
There are several unique ways you could propose to your significant other. The best ones, however, are the proposals that come unexpectedly. Here are 4 of the most popular ways.

1. A Romantic Dinner by the Beach

This is considered to be one of the most popular out of the lot. The gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean, the crashing waves, the full moon shining down, and the rustle of the trees makes for the perfect natural, romantic setting. Couple that with lanterns illuminating your dining space, along with exquisite food, and you have got yourself the perfect ambiance to ask the big question.

For this to be as perfect as it can be, make sure you visit during the latter half of the year when the weather is nice, dry and warm. Even then, it is best to study the weather before confirming the date of the dinner.

2. Scuba Diving

Proposing while going on an underwater excursion can be one of the more surprising acts you could ever do. Firstly though, you and your partner should be PADI certified for you to be eligible to plan such a proposal. Even if you do not possess the certification, many of the resorts offer to teach the relevant courses.

What does a proposal underwater look like? The experienced dive guides will come prepared with a banner asking if he/she could marry you. Your partner would then be handed a slate in which she can say the magic words. The peace and serenity of life underwater, along with the vibrant marine life that dwells in the corals near the several islands make for a unique setting to ask the big question.

3. A Sunset Cruise

A cruise along the shores of the several islands of the Maldives is always a spectacle to any traveller. It becomes even more special when you experience it with the one you wish to call ‘yours’. There are several island resorts where you can arrange a cruise so that both of you will be able to see the amazing sunset.

To make sure it is perfect in every way, make sure you go on the cruise during the latter half of the year due to the favourable weather conditions. The Indian Ocean with the backdrop of the setting sun in the distance and the gentle sea breeze makes for an intimate setting. You can make this even more special by arranging a romantic dinner by the beach; the first dinner as an engaged couple!

4. On a Private Sandbank

If you are looking to make your proposal all the more exclusive, a secluded sandbank is a perfect location. The Maldives has several isolated sandbanks in which resorts will be more than happy to make it your very own little piece of paradise for a few hours. While you can arrange this at any time of the day, the ideal time is at sunset.

A table for two, the serene view of the setting sun, the calm breeze of the sea, and the company of your partner makes for the perfect environment to pop the big question.

Be as creative as you like. You could add in elements that would make it all the more special for your significant other. In the Maldives, the opportunities to propose are endless!

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