Beach vs Water VillaEverything You Need to Know

“Should I stay in an overwater villa or a beach villa in the Maldives?”. This is a question we’d all love to be troubled with. If you’re planning a holiday to this paradise on earth and wondering which type of villa to stay in, or which one is best, there is no right answer. It can depend on your preferences, price, the villas in the hotel itself, who you’re travelling with, and so on.

Here’s a brief rundown of the two types of villas available in the Maldives, where the best ones are, and some pros and cons of each villa.

Beach Villas

The Maldives is home to some of the best beaches in the world, and it only makes sense that there are gorgeous villas set on the powder-soft sandy beaches. Hidden amongst lush tropical gardens, beach villas feel like a jungle oasis, making you feel like a slightly more pampered Robinson Crusoe.

Beach villas are generally placed a few metres away from the beach itself, just beneath the swaying palm trees that fringed the white sands. The proximity to the beach means you’re never too far away from exploring the reef, going on slow walks, or from accessing a range of water sports facilities. Almost all beach villas in the Maldives are decked with a private plunge pool- great when you’re travelling with kids- and have other unique features like a private garden and an open-air shower shrouded by foliage.

Pros of Staying in a Beach Villa

  • Direct access to the beach and the sea, as though you have your own private beach
  • Close to the resort’s facilities like its restaurants, bars, spa, and fitness centre
  • Some beach villas have private gardens, for extra privacy
  • Private plunge pool
  • Open-air shower in a tropical setting

Cons of Staying in a Beach Villa

  • As the villa is usually surrounded by foliage to ensure privacy, this might hinder the view of the ocean
  • There tend to be more mosquitos amidst the plants
  • There is a greater possibility of noise being carried into your room while other guests walk past your villa and private garden

Three Resorts with the Best Beach Villas
If beach villas sound like the perfect fit for you, here are three resorts with amazing beach villas.

1. Soneva Fushi: An excellent option for group travel, whether it be as a family or with friends. Soneva Fushi is home to the finest beach villas in the Maldives, decked with waterslides leading to your private pool, private sundecks, libraries, and even gyms!

2. Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa: This resort’s Park Pool Villas are a dream hideaway for couples looking for a private and intimate holiday. There are a handful of Park Pool Villas with an unobstructed view of the ocean as well as an infinity pool, while the others are nestled in the heart of the island surrounded by wild tropical gardens.

3. Six Senses Laamu: Another great resort for couples, friends, or even family travel. Six Senses has some stunning villas encircled by a manicured jungle. The beach villas near the edge of the beach are particularly amazing as you have your own private beach with designated sun beds.

Water Villas

Overwater villas are a hallmark of the Maldives. A quick Google search of the country and you will be bombarded with several photos of these wooded stilted bungalows that hover above the azure ocean. If you’re anything like us, you have probably dreamt of staying in one of these aquatic beach chalets, and the Maldives makes them like no other.

Every resort gives its overwater villas a unique touch, so all of them look slightly different. However, there are usually a few common features. Apart from having a plush room adorned with various luxuries, these villas have private infinity pools, large sundecks, overwater hammocks, oh and did we mention, the Indian Ocean is the backyard? These villas are also far more private, and staying in one feels as though you’re on your own private island. Another perk of an overwater villa is that you can have special dining experiences right on your sundeck– talk about taking room service to another level!

Pros of Staying in an Overwater Villa

  • Privacy and tranquility like no other
  • Uninterrupted views of the ocean
  • Personal deck with sunbeds to bask on
  • Stairs from the deck leading directly to the ocean

Cons of Staying in an Overwater Villa

  • The steps leading to the sun deck can be quite slippery
  • May not be the safest option when travelling with young children
  • Can be a bit of a long walk to get to the resort’s other facilities such as the spa, restaurants and gym

Three Resorts with the Best Overwater Villas
If overwater villas sound like the perfect fit for you, here are three resorts with amazing overwater villas.

1. One&Only Reethi Rah: The overwater villas at One&Only Reethi Rah are unsurpassable when it comes to luxury and style. These elegant villas are perfect for couples looking for solitude and serenity on their holiday. With ultra-comfortable beds, overwater catamaran nets, infinity pools that blend into the horizon, and breathtaking views– you won’t ever want to leave your room!

2. Gili Lankanfushi: Ideal for family fun, Gili Lankanfushi is home to some of the country’s best water villas. All the rooms at Gili Lankanfushi are exclusively lavish water villas. Enjoy large plunge pools and even larger sundecks, however, the highlight will be the water slide leading into the turquoise waters.

3. Jumeirah Vittaveli: Are you going on a girls’ trip and looking forward to really reconnecting without any distractions? Well then, you must stay at a free standing water villa at Jumeirah Vittaveli. Only reachable by boat, these spacious villas are the perfect setting for a group holiday with your besties!

Regardless of whichever type of villa you choose to stay in, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time because a holiday in the Maldives is an unparalleled experience. If you’re trying to find a budget friendly option, read our blog on the resorts with the best all-inclusive packages to ensure you stay within budget.

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