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Six FamilyFriendly Water Sports in the Maldives

When planning a family vacation to the sunny, tropical islands; there are a variety of things to do to keep everyone entertained; from exploring the exotic marine life on an underwater scooter to flying high in the sky on a parasailing adventure! Follow our guide for a list of fun, family-friendly water sports in Maldives that are great for the entire brood, both large and small.

1. Underwater Scooters

With a world of colour and exotic life thriving beneath the glistening blue waters, snorkelling in Maldives is one of the most popular water sports in Maldives. But, Underwater Scooters add in a whole new twist to snorkelling! Explore the sea on these motorised scooters – the best part is, the bubble helmet protects your head and never gets wet, which means you can breathe underwater, albeit as long as you keep the helmet! This is great for families, especially if someone doesn’t know how to swim but is eager to discover the marine life in Maldives.

Best time: December to March
Location: Maafushi Island, Malé, Hulumalé, Baa Atoll
Swimming proficiency: Nil

2. SUP

Stand Up Paddle-boarding is an exciting water sport that the whole family can get involved in. With shallow, gentle waters around the islands, you can easily glide through the blue waters. All you have to do is stand (and balance!) on this flat board; that resembles a surf board, and paddle your way around the waters.

Best time: March to May, September to November
Location: North Atoll, South Atoll, Baa Atoll.
Swimming proficiency: Nil

3. Banana Boat & Tube Rides

Shriek and squeal as you jet through the refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean while semi-submerged on a tube or sitting afloat on a bright banana boat! Either way, the entire family will be having a whale of time as the fun tubes that are tethered to speed boats jet through the Indian Ocean, with you in tow!

Best time: April to October
Location: Most resorts around the islands offer this ride.
Swimming proficiency: Nil

4. Parasailing

Want a bird’s eye view of the ocean and the island you’re staying on? Parasailing is suitable for families travelling with slightly older kids – due to the adrenaline rush of being propelled into the sky, and gliding along with the ocean below you. While completely safe, you’ll be harnessed and strapped into ‘seats’ before being towed by a speed boat and then lifted into the air.

Best time: April to October
Location: All resort islands
Swimming proficiency: Nil

5. Seabob

A Seabob is an underwater scooter that allows you to either bounce along the waves like a playful dolphin or dive deeper to the depths on a snorkelling adventure. This sport allows you to explore and swim in the seas even if you’re not a strong swimmer – so you’ll never miss out on the fun. Simply grab tight and away you go!

Best time: January to April
Location: Most luxury resorts offer this.
Swimming proficiency: Nil

6. Catamaran Sailing

If you’re crossing these off on a bucket list, then you should end your water sport adventures in Maldives with a catamaran sailing trip. Whisk your family away on a scenic cruise to the depths of the blue on a catamaran. Available from most luxury resorts in the Maldives, catamaran sailing allows you to enjoy the views with light snacks and a refreshing beverage as the sea breeze brushes through your hair. Learn the ropes of mastering this vessel with the help from a skilled instructor and guide (as provided by your hotel/resort).

Best time: January to April
Location: Most luxury resorts offer this
Swimming proficiency: Nil

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