Four UnderwaterRestaurants You NEED to Visit in the Maldives

The Maldives has a knack for making the unimaginable a reality– just look at these unique experiences you can only have in Maldivian resorts. However, there is no doubt that the country’s best magic trick thus far has been the advent of underwater restaurants.

The Maldives’ turquoise waters are admired by the whole world, and while the view from land makes the islands look like paradise found, everyone knows that the country’s real beauty lies beneath its glistening surface. Maldivian reefs are one of the finest in the world and in fact many of these reefs are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This dining experience is- understandably- unlike any other and you must definitely add it to your Maldivian bucket list.

Here are 4 incredible underwater restaurants that you NEED to visit on your next holiday to this tropical getaway.

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Found in (or under rather) Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant proudly holds the title as the world’s first underwater restaurant! Ithaa, which translates to ‘mother of pearl’ in Dhivehi, is truly a gem to behold. This breathtaking restaurant has a 180-degree view of the thriving coral garden surrounding the restaurant. You can choose to have either lunch or dinner, both options offer a delectable set fusion menu matched with fine wines. If you’re planning a special event, like a birthday or perhaps a proposal, you can rent out the whole restaurant for this intimate occasion. However, if you are unable to get a reservation for a meal, you can visit this underwater oasis everyday between 11am and 12pm.

2. SEA

From Maldivain Lobster to Japanese Wagyu, have a gourmet meal below sea level in SEA at Anantara Kihavah Maldives. Enjoy a delicious meal with a fusion menu with the best dinner side entertainment. Watch as a myriad of colourful tropical fish flit from one place to the next; be mesmerised by the soft coral billowing in the current; and be exhilarated when a shark swims by purveying its territory. Not only does SEA offer a memorable dining experience, the restaurant sits next to the world’s first underwater wine cellar which holds up to 450 wines– talk about a dream come true!

If you’re travelling with kids, don’t worry, SEA welcomes young travellers and has a kids’ menu as well as an encyclopedia of the reef’s fish to keep the little ones entertained.

3. 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

Venture 5.8 metres under sea and emerge at the world’s largest all glass underwater restaurant! 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is located below Hurawalhi Maldives, one of the country’s most luxurious resorts. Indulge in five course lunches or seven course dinners alongside views of shoals of fish circling the neighbouring coral garden in search of their own gourmet meal. This spectacular dining experience welcomes guests from other resorts as well, however, please keep in mind that the dinner service is for adults only. With a minimalist design, the restaurant encourages you to focus outwards and to both figuratively and literally immerse yourself in nature.

4. H2O

The newcomer on the reef, H2O at You & Me Maldives is the perfect location for a romantic meal with your love. Unlike the other restaurants, H2O is slightly smaller and offers their diners a more intimate experience. Go on a gastronomic and marine adventure when you treat yourself to a meal at this restaurant which is just as phenomenal as the underwater world. From curated amuse bouches to caviar and champagne, H2O promises to be a treat for all the senses.

Now that you know where your first meal in the Maldives is going to be, there are a few things to keep in mind. The restaurants are spectacular during the day; the whole restaurant is cast in a blue hue and there are beautiful ripples of the ocean’s shadow as the sun filters through the turquoise ocean. It is mesmerising to watch how the colours of the ocean change during the day, however, as night falls, it actually gets quite dark underwater! While this only adds to the ambience and gives the restaurants a more cosy feel, it can be a bit of a surprise since dinner service begins a little after sunset.

Nonetheless, these restaurants will give you an unforgettable dining experience, and once you have a meal here, dinners anywhere else will feel uninteresting.

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