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Spread out over 71 islands, Noonu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives, and it is also known as Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll. 13 of its islands are populated, and are home to splendid resort hotels. The capital of Noonu Atoll is Manadhoo, the largest natural island in the atoll, and several passenger speed boat services operate out of it, connecting to other islands. In 2019, the island of Maafaru within Noonu Atoll opened an international airport, which can accommodate up to six jets at a time.

Noonu Atoll has a high density of marine life, including spinner dolphins, snappers and fusiliers, as well as an abundance of soft coral life. As a result, snorkelling and diving are popular activities to engage in when you visit the atoll. Edu Faru, Christmas Tree Rock and Orimas Thila are some of the more popular diving sites here.

Resorts in Noonu Atoll

Several of the more high-end Maldivian resorts can be found on Noonu Atoll, making it a rather popular destination among high net worth individuals. The recently opened Maafaru International Airport also means that visitors can land directly at the atoll, instead of having to transit at Velana International Airport.

Some islands of Noonu Atoll also have more budget friendly accommodation options, for those looking to spend more conservatively on their holiday.

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