Seven ThingsKids Can do in Maldives

Travelling with your family to the Maldives means a holiday spent snorkelling, making sandcastles and creating memories that you’ll be cherishing for a lifetime. While there’s a bucket load of things to do with your kids in Maldives, these 10 activities that will definitely keep the little ones entertained.

1. Sandcastles on the Beach

As you stay on your own private island at one of the many resorts in the Maldives, you’re always guaranteed a stretch of white sand just for yourself. Apply copious amounts of sunscreen, grab your sand bucket, spade and beach hats and head to the beach with your little ones to build sandcastles. While most of the white sandy beaches are primarily made of coral fragments, it might get a big tricky to build a sand castle; so do make sure to look for a soft spot along the island’s shores.

Things you need –

  • Sand bucket
  • Picnic basket
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Spade
  • Beach shoes

2. Reef Snorkelling

Suitable for kids of any change (however do ensure they are always guided and watched by an adult), reef snorkelling is a popular activity enjoyed by everyone. Do ask your resort for flippers, as they’re easy to glide through the waters with, and a pair of snorkels (if you didn’t bring your own). If your kids are too small, ensure to strap them with some floaties to help them as they snorkel.

Most resorts have their own house reef – which means you can walk out your villa and snorkel at any time of the day! Your kids will be in for a treat as they spot the colourful, vibrant world that thrives beneath the ocean surface.

Important -> Remember not to touch or step on any of the corals as you explore with your kids, as it can be quite fatal to the marine life. Avoid approaching or disturbing marine life too.

Things you need –

  • Coral-safe sunscreen
  • Snorkels
  • Flippers
  • Floaties, if needed

3. Kids Club

An easy way of spotting a family-friendly hotel or resort in the Maldives, is to look out for a dedicated kids club. This centre offers a myriad of fun indoor and guided outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained – especially if you need some quiet spa time or for a romantic meal with your partner.

Kids clubs in Maldives resorts offer a number of staff to look after and entertain children throughout the day. Indoor activities range from board games to video games, and outdoor activities include everything from learning about the diverse marine ecosystem to guided snorkelling excursions.

4. Family Water Pool Villas

While water villas that face the wide open ocean are the most loved feature of luxury Maldives resorts, family water pool villas take this to a whole other level. With ample space for your kids to unwind, relax or even around, these family water pool villas are perfect for your holiday. Some luxury hotels and resorts in the Maldives, however, do have water slides that connect directly to the largest pool in the world – the ocean!

These are mostly safer with older kids who are good swimmers. While it’s fairly shallow beneath the over-water villas, we don’t recommend this option for families with smaller children.

5. Learn to Dive

A great activity for older kids, learning to dive is a unique skill to have. Most resorts have an in house scuba diving school or instructor to take you through the basics and get you accustomed to swimming along the ocean bed. This activity is perfect for kids who love to swim and learn about the diverse marine life. Explore the underwater world with your kids and spot the ocean’s most stunning creatures; from manta rays to reef sharks!

Your hotel/resort in Maldives will provide you with the essential diving gear.

6. Dolphin Watching Cruise

Perfect for the entire family, dolphin watching excursions take you to the depths of the big blue in search of these curious, playful creatures. Look out for a resort that organises sunset dolphin watching cruises so your entire family can unwind and relax out in the open waters, after a day of swimming and snorkelling!

7. Star Gazing

As you get back to the island, enjoy a hearty meal at the restaurant before making your way to the shores for a stroll under the moonlight. While this can be incredibly romantic with your partner, do point out the blanket of stars that illuminate the night to your kids. Can you spot Orion the Hunter?

What to Pack
When travelling with your kids, it’s important to pack the essentials – especially since you’ll be on an island for the duration of your holiday. Most resorts in Maldives only have a gift store; so ensure you have everything in your suitcase from swimwear and sunscreen to diapers and feeding bottles!


  • Sunscreen
  • Floating devices
  • Swimwear
  • Baby products
  • Camera; if they’re waterproof, then perfect
  • Beachwear
  • Snorkel and mask
  • Chargers
  • Soft, cotton clothes

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