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Gnaviyani Atoll (Fuvahmulah island) is located between Huvadhu and Addu Atolls and is the smallest administrative division of the Maldives. With lush vegetation and two freshwater lakes, Gnaviyani is fertile and contains a number of fields that produce fruits and vegetables. Tropical woodlands, wetlands and white sandy beaches, in addition to the fertile marshlands makes this one of the most geographically diverse islands in the country. Thoondu Beach, which lies on the northwestern end of the island is famous for being the only beach in the country that is made up of coral pebbles instead of coral grains.

The construction of a domestic airport on Fuvahmulah island in 2011 opened up this remote atoll to the world. It can be reached in just over an hour from the international airport in Malé. The island is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the Maldives, and is famous for scuba diving.

Hotels in Gnaviyani Atoll

The island has several mini-hotels, lodges and guest houses, making it a great destination for those who are not looking for high end luxury accommodation. There are a number of restaurants and cafés on the island with diverse, yet inexpensive dining options.

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