The 5 BestLiveaboards in the Maldives

When you think of the Maldives, the first things that come to mind are its gorgeous turquoise waters and coral reefs that flourish beneath its shimmering surface. While most resorts in the Maldives have great house reefs, if you’re an avid diver you’re probably on the lookout for something more exciting, somewhere you can fully immerse yourself in nature.

If this is you, you must consider having your holiday on a liveaboard which is just as luxurious as staying in a resort. Here are the top 5 liveaboards in the Maldives, for an extravagant getaway on the high seas!

What are Liveaboards?

A liveaboard has several names, it can be referred to as dive safari or dive charter, but what it merely means is that it is a scuba diving purpose-built boat, or rather a boat that can go on trips longer than one night. Divers and scuba-divers will find this trip particularly interesting as liveaboards give you the opportunity to visit remote dive sites which might have been harder to access from a resort. However, with that being said even non-divers will relish in this unique experience.

The Best Liveaboards

The Maldives has a way of making the most common thing luxurious, and liveaboards are no exception. Here are some of the best yachts that are close competitors to luxury resorts around the world.

1. Scubaspa Yang
At a glance:

  • Length of trip: 7 days
  • Number of rooms: 10 cabins and 9 suites with AC
  • Maximum capacity: 40 people
  • Operates during: Year-round except for July

Scubaspa Yang was the winner of the South Asian Travel Awards Leading Liveaboard 2016 – 2018. This floating resort combines luxury and nautical adventure to give you an unforgettable experience. The yacht aims to please everyone, from divers to their non-diving guests. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean during the day, and retire back to the yacht for a delectable gourmet meal paired with some fine wine. Apart from diving, you can also indulge in other facilities like spa treatments, water sports, and yoga classes. Scubaspa Yang also offers their guests a BBQ dinner on a sandbank under a sky full of stars.

2. Emperor Explorer
At a glance:

  • Length of trip: 8 – 11 days
  • Number of rooms: 13 cabins with AC
  • Maximum capacity: 26 people
  • Operates during: August – May

The Emperor Explorer is for all voyagers of the sea. Hop aboard and explore the best of the Maldives as you venture to the Malé and Ari Atolls in the central region which are thought to be where some of the country’s finest reefs are found. Apart from that, there are also various excursions which allow you to delve further south, as well as to the Baa Atoll which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Some of the thrilling activities and diving opportunities that the Emperor Explorer has on offer include diving with hammerhead sharks and manta cleaning stations, at shipwreck sites, as well as the occasional night dive.

3. Ocean Divine
At a glance:

  • Length of trip: 7 – 14 days
  • Number of rooms: 6 deluxe suites with AC
  • Maximum capacity: 12 people
  • Operates during: November – April

Ocean Divine will truly give you a divine ocean experience. The owners are dedicated to giving their guests personalised service which is why only a limited number of people are allowed onboard. If you are looking for curated experiences, a well-trained team that is very knowledgeable about all the wonders of the ocean, and excellent meals, look no further than the Ocean Divine. This yacht is the brainchild of the owners- who live on board to ensure your trip runs smoothly- and they care deeply about their guests. Treat yourself to three dives a day and one night dive per week in exotic locations like the North, Ari, Felidu and Central Atolls, as well as the more remote South Atoll, and if that’s too tiring, relax with a spa treatment by a trained masseuse.

4. Carpe Novo
At a glance:

  • Length of trip: 8 – 15 days
  • Number of rooms: 12 cabins with AC
  • Maximum capacity: 22 people
  • Operates during: July – April

Carpe Novo certainly encourages you to live life to the fullest. This stunning yacht caters to dedicated scuba diving, wave surfing and fishing trips for both individuals, as well as groups. This whopping 42-meter long yacht has three decks plus a sun deck for all sunset lovers. This ocean safari ventures to the deep south of the Maldives, one of the most untouched places in the country with stunning reefs and exotic marine life. The region is often considered to be the Maldives’ final frontier and with Carpe Novo you can go boldly where no man has gone before.

5. The Adora
At a glance:

  • Length of trip: 8 – 11 days
  • Number of rooms: 11 cabins and 4 suites with AC
  • Maximum capacity: 21 people
  • Operates during: August – May

Explore world-renowned dive sites in the Malé, Ari, and Felidhu Atolls with the Adora. This stunning 123ft tri-deck fibre yacht, with 11 spacious cabins each with a private bath and 4 ocean-view suites is the ultimate luxury dive retreat for avid divers. Each month there are amazing experiences you can enjoy on this liveaboard; shipwreck dives in the Baa Atoll, diving and snorkelling with Mantas in August, night dives, and even island stays between October and November. Enjoy the finest luxuries abroad the Adora.

These liveaboards encompass the luxury of the Maldives and it is truly the perfect way to explore the country’s beauty. Hop aboard and begin your ocean adventure on one of these floating resorts.

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